Find the Best Site to Play Online Craps for Real Money in New Zealand

Craps game is a casino option that contributes to the gambling industry making it more diverse and extraordinary. Similar to other options, it is a top choice for punters who love taking risks and getting unexpected results. Look through a comprehensive guide to enjoy every moment spent playing the game.

What Is Online Craps

Online Craps is one of the most appealing and appreciated online casino games that feature multiple betting options and the ultimate speed of each round. The game offers an authentic combination of adventure, risk, and fortune. The only task of the players here is to bet on the numbers they consider to be winning. 

How to Play Craps for Real Money

Why do so many people play casino Craps? It features a low house edge, which increases the chances to place the winning bet. The table layout is one of the elements that bothers some newcomers, but once they get used to it, they can take maximum advantage of the game. 

How to play Craps? Check out a comprehensive step-by-step guide that will draw you closer to the unforgettable gambling experience with high chances to win.

  1. Learn the Craps basics that will give you a better understanding of the game.
  2. Find a trustworthy online casino to gamble with.
  3. Create an account and deposit money.
  4. Place the first bet.
  5. Watch your wager win.

Where to Play Online Craps?

With the increasing popularity of the game, the number of Craps casinos has considerably grown. Therefore, there is an array of trusted and reliable online casinos that allow New Zealand players to enjoy their favorite casino game.

Search the web for the most appreciated and reputable platforms so that you can gamble with limited risks. Entrust your gambling experience to the services that offer the best bonuses and the most reasonable gambling terms and conditions. 

Craps Guide

When it comes to Craps, the design of the game and the table layout may seem complex and tricky. Nonetheless, gamblers who take their time to dive into the game specifications and learn the basic rules on how to play Craps and win will get a unique chance to enjoy a profitable and exciting gaming session. Keep reading to get basic information about the most critical aspects of the game that can contribute to the outcome.


Before you immerse yourself in the Craps rules, you should deal with the table layout. In fact, the table is mirrored, and its both sides are identical. As for the game rules, they are quite simple and can be reduced to the following ones:

  • The pair of dice is used throughout the game.
  • A new round starts when the dice are rolled.
  • Players take turns rolling the dice.
  • Punters wager on the outcome of the roll.


Although playing Craps is not complicated, learning some of the terms used in the game may take a while. Check out the glossary that will help you sound more professional and experienced. 

  • Ace is a dice showing 1.
  • Right bettor is the one making stakes on the Pass Line.
  • Wrong bettor is the one who prefers Don’t Pass Line. 
  • Bones’ is the synonym for dice.
  • Boys is the word used for the dealer.
  • Hard number is the pair that appears in the gameplay.
  • ‘Snake eyes’ is used to talk about the situation when the pair of 1s is rolled.

Table Layout

If you have never seen the Craps table, you might get a little bit confused. Irrespective of a complex and decent table layout, the rules of the game remain simple. The Craps table features a long rectangular form and is covered in green felt. Depending on the casino you choose to play, different colors can be used to emphasize various betting options. 

Variations of Bets

The rules for Craps are easy, even though the table layout may seem complicated for rookies. At the same time, there are a few bet types that can be made, enhancing the winning chances.

  • Pass. It is one of the most common bets, as it features a low house edge and high potential winning. If numbers 7 or 11 are rolled, the gambler wins, but if they come out equal to 2, 3, or 12, the result is negative.
  • Don’t Pass. The bet type is the complete opposite of the previous one, so if 7 and 11 appear in the gameplay, it is the sign of victory, while 2, 3, and 12 signify the loss.
  • Come. This bet type should be made only after the Point number is established. If 7 or 11 appear on the Cone Out section, the player wins, but if 2, 3, or 12 land on the gameplay, the bet is lost.
  • Don’t Come. The alternative bet type can be made at any time after the establishment of the Point. Numbers 2 and 3 mean a victory, and 12 signifies a tie.
  • Hardways. This is the most elaborate type of bet, as it is usually placed in the middle of the table, and it consists of four numbers (including 4, 6, 8, and 10).
  • Place 6 and 8. Using this betting option, the gamblers have to place their wagers on the numbers 6 or 8. 

Tips for Rookies

Similar to other casino games, Craps is a game of luck and fortune. Therefore, even the most experienced gamblers will not detect unique and extraordinary strategies or recommendations that will enhance the winning chances. At the same time, it is inevitable to mind a few most significant Craps tips that may help newcomers avoid certain risks and thrive with the gambling experience. 

  • Start with the simplest bets.
  • Avoid the bets in the middle of the table.
  • Choose a betting strategy and stick to it.
  • Play the game for the lowest bets that are still interesting. 
  • Search for the online casinos with the biggest odds bet multiples.
  • Use a demo version of the Craps game before you start playing for real money. 


If you have never played Craps before, the first rule you should remember is that there is no way you will make the wrong choice in the game. While the overwhelming majority of newcomers are desperately searching for effective strategies to enhance their winning chances, more experienced gamblers just place their bets and test their luck. Thus, if you are ready to take risks, here are a few strategies that will contribute to your gambling experience and will help to make it advantageous. 

  • Set a budget so that you do not spend more than you plan.
  • Check the betting limits before you start gambling.
  • Do not make reasonless choices.
  • Try different Craps variations.
  • Do not focus on a single betting option, but try different opportunities.

Craps Variations

When browsing the web in search of comprehensive information about the casino option, players may be excited to learn about multiple Craps games and their variations. Although they are all similar, there are a few specifications that keep each one unique. Specific rules, different betting options, and impeccable odds provide users with authentic experiences, depending on the choice you make. 

Bank Craps

Talking about the different Craps variations, it is inevitable to mention that Bank Craps is the one appreciated by most players. The game presupposes a special table and extraordinary layout, which contribute to the gambling session and make it even more exciting. Players should make place their bets on certain parts of the table and watch the dice lad. 


This is another Craps variation available in most trusted casinos. The game has been available on the market for years, attracting an increasing number of users. The main idea of the game variation is that the players do not lose if certain numbers, such as 2,3, and 12, appear on the pass line bet. 


As the name implies, this is the game variation appreciated by those who just start their gambling career. The dice are rolled only once in this game, and the result becomes obvious. If numbers from 5 to 9 appear in the gameplay, the result is a loss, while the rest of the numbers signify the win. 

Low Limit

New gamblers appreciate an opportunity to start playing certain casino games without high risks. Therefore, Low Limit Craps is one of the games users enjoy, as it features low pay-ins that eliminate the risk of losing considerable sums of real money. 

High Limit

High-rollers and newcomers who are ready to play big are likely to enjoy this variation of Craps. Browsing the web, they will come across exclusive tables with high betting limits. Although the game will also be suitable for those, who want to bet $1, it remains interesting for those who are ready to spend $1000 on a single stake.

Availability for Mobile Devices

The popularity of casino Craps is continuously growing, so an increasing number of people are looking for the time and opportunity to enjoy another round of their favorite game. Fortunately, the game is compatible with mobile devices, so it can be easily played on the go. Opt for the online casino that provides such an option and take maximum advantage of the impeccable and profitable experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is It Legal to Play Real Money Craps in New Zealand?

    Yes, online gambling is legal in New Zealand, so users should only opt for a trusted and reputable online platform that will guarantee the desired safety and efficiency of the experience.

  • Can I Try a Free Demo?

    A game of Craps comes in a variety of forms and types, so it may be complicated to learn all the rules and specifications of the game beforehand. Fortunately, there is always an opportunity to play a free round to master the skills and choose a winning strategy.

  • Where Can I Get Bonuses to Play Craps?

    The choice of the online casino to play online Craps is critical here. If you manage to detect a reputable and time-tested service, you are likely to benefit from a profitable welcome bonus and a range of other promotions that will guarantee a smooth and stress-free first gambling experience.

  • Which Strategy Should I Choose to Win?

    Although Craps is another casino game that is mainly about luck and fortune, there are a few strategies that can enhance your winning chances. Irrespective of the tactics you choose, consistency and determination are critical. Besides, make sure you set a reasonable betting limit which will help you lose too much money.