The Best Aviator Online Casinos for Real Money in New Zealand 2024

Aviator game is a unique game that provides players with extraordinary features, lots of unique emotions, and payout solutions that will make the experience unforgettable. Even though the game is classified as a slot, it is much more interesting and lucrative than trivial pokies online. Keep reading the article to get more information about the gambling option, choose a reputable online casino nz, and enjoy a fascinating experience.

How Do We Rate Aviator Casinos for Real Money

Choosing an Aviator casino is a complicated process that requires maximum attention to detail and consistency. Deep analysis of the market, detection of the most time-tested and appealing services, demo rounds, and similar processes will take too much of your time. Check out the most fundamental factors we take into account creating an Aviator review and rating the casino.

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Online Reputation

To enjoy Aviator online, you should deal with a casino that has a positive experience on the market. Do not entrust your gambling to new services that can offer zero guarantees. The comments o previous customers and their impressions of the platform and its services are taken into account.

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Safety Guarantees

The way the online casino caters to the safety and anonymity of the players is another aspect we value. Therefore, analyzing the services and singling out the most beneficial and safe ones, we choose the ones that offer the most protected services.

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Legal Status

Does the casino comply with the up-to-date regulations? Is it officially registered? These are the questions we are concentrating on as we proceed with the analysis of the services we single out. The absence of transparency in the question of the legal status of the service is one of the most obvious signs of fake platforms.

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Customer Support

Even though the overwhelming majority of gamblers may never use the assistance of customer support, it is indispensable to detect the platform that guarantees 24/7 support. No matter if you have problems placing the bet or getting the payout, you should have an opportunity to address professionals and get indispensable assistance.

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Game Selection

Even though Aviator is an exceptionally interesting and appreciated game, enthusiastic players will be excited about other options, as well. Therefore, the database of the available games is inevitable for players who strive to relish an extraordinary and diversified gambling experience.

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The simplicity of the casino use and its transparency are indispensable. There is hardly a player who strives to read lots of information, make tons of confirmations, and undergo a plethora of other processes before launching the game.

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Payment Methods

As Aviator can be played for real money, it is critical to detect an online casino that accepts different payment methods. Simple depositing and fast withdrawals are appreciated by players.

What Is Aviator

Aviator online casino game is an exclusive option provided by Spribe. It provides players with a unique chance to enjoy a completely different experience placing a bet, testing the fortune, and earning cash. Check out a few most critical specifications of the game before you make the first move. 

Software provider Spribe
Kind of game Social multiplier game
Maximum bet 100
Multiplier no
Minimum stake 10
Maximum payout 10000
Live chat yes
RTP 97%

Aviator Game Rules

If you are convinced that Aviator is another slot game, you are mistaken. Take your time to read a comprehensive Aviator review and make a reasonable conclusion about the specifications of the game and its rules. At this point, it is indispensable to emphasize that the game is offered by lots of different casinos, as it offers a unique gambling experience without any reels, paylines, and icons on the gameplay. Built on the curve crash mechanic, the game takes place in a setting resembling an airport. 

The game is on when the airplane takes off. The player should place a bet and wait for the round to start. As the plane is flying through the screen, the multiplier grows. The moment the plane crashes, your potential winning disappears, and a new round starts. Therefore, it is indispensable to cash out the right time to waste no chance to win the game. 

Pros and Cons of Aviator Casino Sites

If you choose to play Aviator, you should be ready to face not only impressive advantages but also some downsides. Weigh all the pros and cons before you dive into the gambling experience. 


  • Unique format of the game
  • Social features
  • Simple gameplay
  • Excellent bonuses


  • Available only online
  • Tricky rules
  • The gambling process can take too much time

Aviator RTP

When it comes to the Aviator RTP, it is inevitable to mention a 97% volatility that makes the game appealing and interesting for both players who are new to the gambling world and the ones who have rich experience in the area. Although the game is classified as a slot, there are multiple features that make it different. An ability to have control over the payout is one of the specifications that keep it competitive and extraordinary. Therefore, if you strive to relish a standard gambling experience with a trivial fruit or animal-themed slot, Aviator is not an operation to consider. Check out other specifications of the game to understand its discrepancies and peculiarities. 

Strategies and Tips on Live Aviator

As it has already been mentioned, Aviator is a game that differs from the multitude of other slot games. As a result, there is always an opportunity to select a strategy that will enhance the winning chances and will make the gambling process much more beneficial. Check out the simplest and most appealing solutions to consider. 

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Learn the Game Rules

Understanding the rules of the game is a certain way to the flawless gambling process with high winning chances. If you know the right time to cash out, you have a high chance to enjoy a safe and profitable game. Keep in mind that the multiplier can crash at any time, enhancing the risk and eliminating the winning chances.

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Set a Goal

It is another aspect of an impeccable Aviator strategy. Set a multiplier target and cash out right when you reach that point. It will contribute to the excitement of the game and will eliminate the risk of losing everything within a single round. Besides, this way, you will not risk losing all the profit in a minute.

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Consider Lower Multipliers

The higher is not always the better, it is the principle that works with this specific game. Therefore, it is indispensable to start with the lower multipliers that help to form the more beneficial, more profitable, and much safer strategy that is likely to result in impressive winning chances.

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Enjoy the Process

If you are desperately trying to do your best to get the best Aviator bonus, chances are you will fail. The only way to take maximum advantage of a crash game like this one is by having fun and enjoying the gambling process.

Mobile VS PC Versions

Compatibility with different devices is another great advantage of the Aviator game, which makes it competitive and appreciated. In the vast majority of instances, enthusiastic players, who cannot imagine their days without online gambling, are continuously looking for an opportunity to gamble every time they have a spare moment. Therefore, the mobile version of the game is frequently much more beneficial, as it can be used on the go. At the same time, it is indispensable to mention that the PC version offers a more realistic image and background that will create a unique atmosphere appreciated by the players. 

Is It Legal to Play Aviator in New Zealand?

Online gambling is one of the most beneficial undertakings appreciated by players who are ready to invest real money and enjoy a fascinating experience taking risks and enhancing a chance to receive a lucrative payout. Unlike offline gambling, which is restricted by the law in different countries, online slots and other online casino games can be accessed by New Zealand players without any risks or negative outcomes. 

At the same time, it is indispensable to mention that the choice of online casino to gamble with is critical and can predetermine the results of the gambling process. Make sure you deal with a trustworthy, reliable, and time-tested service that will guarantee a flawless experience and zero safety risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is It Legal to Play Aviator in New Zealand?

    Yes, Aviator and similar slot or casino games can be legally played in New Zealand.

  • How Do You Win with Aviator?

    Like other casino games, Aviator is a game of chance and fortune. However, there is always an opportunity to choose one of the most promising strategies that will help to win while enjoying the process.

  • What Is the Best Way to Bet on Aviator?

    There are numerous betting options in the Aviator game, but the choice is always individual and will depend on the personal preferences and desires of the player. Check out a comprehensive Aviator review to decide what bet is the most beneficial for you.

  • What Are the Odds of Winning in Aviator?

    The RTP level in Aviator reaches 97%, while the game odds can vary a lot. Depending on the selected betting technique and multiple other specifications, it will vary from 1.10 to 2.