Best Casino Restaurants in the World

Gambling can be not only exciting but also delicious! Yes, this statement is easy to back up with evidence if you look at the top land-based casinos. They combine gambling halls, VIP tables, and common areas with excellent restaurants. Often, such establishments offer amazing views from the window and very tasty cuisine. So, where can you satisfy your gastronomic needs and enjoy gaming like a pro? Here are the best restaurants in the world that are worth your attention!

New Zealand

Let's start with New Zealand, where beauty meets culinary delight! You can easily verify this by visiting top casinos and restaurants. Let's explore the best offers available to gamblers!

The Sugar Club, SkyCity (Auckland)

What could be more thrilling than dining with a bird's eye view? The Sugar Club at SkyCity is the place to savor New Zealand cuisine. It's unlikely that chefs in other countries can replicate such delicacies. Another highlight is the restaurant's stylish design and the incredible music performed by musicians every evening. Additionally, The Sugar Club is perched on the 53rd floor of Sky Tower, offering unobstructed views of the breathtaking beauty of New Zealand nature. So, you can play the best online casino NZ and eat delicious food simultaneously!

Orbit 360° Dining, SkyCity (Auckland)

Another perfect place is Orbit 360° Dining in SkyCity Auckland. One of the things that makes this place unique is its revolving dining room, where you can enjoy a 360-degree view of the city while having your meal. The restaurant serves new Kiwi food with a strong emphasis on using fresh local produce. The food is prepared with great attention to detail, and the waiters always look after their customers. Oh, and you can always try Spinz Casino NZ while sitting in a restaurant and enjoying your meal.

North America

The next stop is North America. If you're a true gambler, you know how many top casinos are in this region. However, there are also plenty of excellent restaurants here that are worth your attention.

Le Cirque, Bellagio (Las Vegas, USA)

Here's another perfect spot for those in Vegas craving delicious food. Le Cirque at Bellagio is a classic, gourmet restaurant offering European and American cuisine. The stylish interior, exquisite tables, and pleasant atmosphere with live music will tempt you to linger for dessert. The sophisticated style is evident in everything, from napkins and plates to how the waiters tie their ties as they serve you. Going to Le Cirque is a true culinary experience for taste buds and the eyes. So, you can eat delicious food and read an honest Amok Casino review. Just try this combination.

Joel Robuchon, MGM Grand (Las Vegas, USA)

MGM Grand’s Joel Robuchon is the ultimate expression of fine dining. It is named after the world’s most Michelin-starred chef, Joel Robuchon, who has the restaurant's name. The menu displays unique, delicious, and high-quality French meals for the customers prepared with the best ingredients and methods. The premises are also well decorated, with comfortable sofas and a huge chandelier. You should visit this restaurant because it is a true gastronomic gem!


Let's move to old Europe – the heart of gambling! This region offers an incredible combination of top gambling centers and gourmet restaurants. Here are the most interesting offers for gourmets!

Le Louis XV, Casino de Monte-Carlo (Monaco)

It would be unusual to begin a journey through old Europe without first visiting Monte-Carlo. Le Louis XV is an ideal gastronomic establishment in the heart of the Casino de Monte-Carlo. This restaurant excels in crafting delicious dishes, exquisite desserts, and drinks that inspire you to chase the jackpot. Once inside, you'll feel like French royalty. Every detail of the interior exudes a Renaissance atmosphere and grandeur. Your most memorable evenings following successful gambling sessions will likely unfold here. This place is just as cool as Jackpot Molly Casino, so you should check it out!

Casino Baden-Baden Restaurant (Germany)

Casino Baden-Baden Restaurant in Germany provides a combination of German and world dishes. The food ranges from classic schnitzel to more elaborate seafood dishes catering to every customer’s taste. The interior design is based on classical style with some modern design elements and looks rather comfortable. The restaurant is centrally located in Baden-Baden and offers a beautiful view of the surrounding park and the old spa town. So, visit this place and enjoy playing online casinos simultaneously.


Now it's time for the Asian vibes. This region is also famous for its exquisite restaurants that you can visit without leaving the top gambling clubs. Asian chefs know how to surprise lovers of exotic cuisine. So, here's where you should go.

The Tasting Room, City of Dreams (Macau)

Are you looking for the best casino restaurants? Here is an option for you! The Tasting Room by City of Dreams is a place to get modern French food. This restaurant, which holds an excellence award, is famous for its unique meals, combining traditional French cooking and contemporary inspiration. Customers are free to choose from a wide range of dishes that are perfectly created to appeal to the customers’ tastes and eyes. The restaurant's interior design is not a fast-food type with bright colors and long counters. Here, you can taste such delicious food that you will consider staying in Macau forever!

Robuchon au Dôme, Grand Lisboa (Macau)

Here's another Macau destination deserving of your attention. The Robuchon au Dôme restaurant is a true culinary and architectural art masterpiece. The first advantage of this establishment is the breathtaking panoramic view from the windows and its stylish interior. The second benefit is its proximity to gambling halls with machines and tables. The third advantage is the amazing music, a wide array of dishes, and a wine list that would impress even the most seasoned French sommelier. Here, you can mix the live casino atmosphere and enjoy meals. So, enjoy your food and exciting gambling sessions like a pro!